Please note we are not actively recruiting models at present.

We usually welcome applications from potential models and promotional staff throughout the year. However at present we are not accepting new applications please come back later in the year.

In order for us to process your application efficiently please read through the following information and ensure you send us all of the required information.

CV – Please send us your up to date CV. We would like to see your working background, and detailed information of any promotional work you have done, including clients and job roles. Please do not send detailed acting CV’s. If you act, please put this down in your normal CV, however we do not need detailed lists of your acting credentials. Please also ensure your CV gives us your full address, date of birth and contact telephone number.

Locations for work – Please let us know if you have other locations with accommodation for work.

Photos – It is extremely important within this industry to have good photos for us to put you forward for work. If you have professional images, please send us through a selection, or a dropbox link to your portfolio. If you do not have professional photos, please ask a friend to take a well lit, high resolution photo of you against a plain background. A smiling photo is best, and a full length where possible. Please do NOT send us selfies, photos of you with other people, or photos of you with an alcoholic drink in your hand!! These can not be sent to clients. Please note if the photo is not clear, this is also unusable for us.

UTR number – You MUST be registered as self employed to work for us. Please send us your UTR number with your application. If you do not have one, we will not be able to provide you with work.

Lastly, remember your email is our first impression of you! Please send all application emails to

Thank you and good luck!